The Department of Public Affairs, established in August 2001, is in charge of the publicity affairs in relation to student recruitment and media liaison for Shu-Te University. The Department conducts student recruitment activities and produce news releases for event-marketing of the university. The Department also maintains a mutually beneficial relation with the press and implements risk management in case of any issues that might arise. The underlying goal of the Department is to “improve Shu-Te University’s national ranking” and “maximize positive publicity for this institution”, to contribute to the sustainability of Shu-Te University. Two main aspects of missions in the Department include:

  • Student recruitment service: organizing Technology-Humanity Seminars, forming strategic alliances with high schools, participating in externally-organized student recruitment fairs/exhibitions, overseeing the design and images for publicity, and arranging the Elite scholarship program.
  • Strengthening media liaison: documenting events and news reports, facilitating the ‘branding’ of Shu-Te University, maintaining media relationship, handling advertisements, and managing news events.